Abuhan Restaurant – Never Again!

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I’m back again, mga laagan! It’s been a while since my last post.. hmm.. but the important is I’m back. haha.. My comeback post is a failed experience one. This may not your experience but we have experienced this one just recently. I’m warning to those who read this one that this is a real experience of ours but not yours.

It’s payday! February 3, 2017, to be the exact date. We usually hang out with my workmates after our working hours. During this week, we plan to go to Abuhan Restaurant in Ramos Street near Robinson Fuente. Why? It’s because the first time I ate a few years back, I really like the Pochero they served me and it went well. The soup to the tender of meat.. yes! it’s good… and even some of my colleague recommended it!

We planned to eat at Abuhan Restaurant for dinner after our working hours. When we arrived, we saw a lot of people eating and we may not found a table to dine in but with our eager to try their Pochero we found a table. It’s pretty obvious that not long time ago someone ate to that table since we still saw a food bones/crumb.

So, we ask some of the waiters/cleaners to please clean the table. We wave and wave! and what!!! it’s been 15 minutes and nobody comes to clean the table we sit on! So we wave again! still.. and we wave again! finally! they cleaned up the table! wew! how many minutes did we wait just to clean the table? We understand that we may not entertain well since they are busy entertaining their other customers but are we not customers by then we arrived in their restaurant?

Let’s move on the table issue! It’s time to order! wait! we need to wave again! It’s like no waitress/waiter see us! haha Hey! we want to order! Can somebody take our orders, please! We keep on waving every time we see a near waiter/waitress but it’s like they didn’t see us! Are we invisible to that restaurant? Haha.. We keep on waving until a waitress come to take our orders! Finally! after 30 minutes or more of waving our hands. haha… but!’s like the waitress that come to us is not feeling well or she doesn’t like us! or is she tired? Nobody knows how she feels that time but her look is she’s not willing to take our orders.

When taking our orders, she left and said she will come back for our drinks since we order our meal it takes a time to cook but she never did. Haha… but someone came to us to take our order drink. Okay then, move on… After 30 minutes or more, our order is now set to table. So we take pictures of their food. The Pochero and other dishes we ordered delicious. I expect that it must be good after of minutes of waiting to entertain us.

Here are some pictures we ordered:

They look good in the picture and in actual. Hmm.. hope this will cover up from the services we got. Hehe.. Hopefully!

And oh yes! some of the dishes we ordered is definitely good but the Pochero was not really good. Based on the sentiments of my colleague, the Pochero is not surprising at all. We feel that the soup is like water with an additional some beef cubes. Haha.. It’s our taste and you might like it. Yes! The tender of the beef meat is tender, however, not the soup. What’s more surprising, the soup was not served as hot. It’s kinda warm! not hot and not cold!

I know their food is kinda expensive that’s why we’re not shocked about the bill out plus I forgot to mention they have 6% service charge. Haha.. for that! no more tip!

I mentioned from the start that this may not your experience but this is our experience but we will not definitely come back to Abuhan Uno Restaurant. Never again! 🙂

Abuhan Restaurant has 3 branches namely:

Abuhan Dos

F. Ramos St., Cebu City


Abuhan South

N. Bacalso Street


Abuhan Tres

Unit 108, i2 Bldg., Asiatown IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City


Do you agree or not with our experience? Please share your thoughts about our experience.

Jomar Lipon is a Cebu-based blogger that talks about travel, food and related events in Cebu. He is also a web developer and found Paladin Themes. Please visit my portfolio. If you need affordable hosting, please visit Paladin Themes.


  1. Lister Chong Reply

    Can i have you contact number this is lister one of the manager of abuhan

  2. Unsaon man ang lamian na food if walai au ang customer service. Hays. Had the same experience with another pocherohan. It was my fave pa unta but sa ka wai au sa ilang service I don’t think I’ll be going back ever again.

  3. Haven’t visited any of those Abuhan restos but I will definitely try them. My wife said before that they are a good place to eat, I guess I should put their name to the test

  4. I tried Abuhan and since then I realized I’m not a big fan of their foods. Their staff were not friendly to me, too. I don’t know why (siguro mas gwapa ko keysa nila hahaha, joke!)

  5. Hmm although I haven’t tried Abuhan restos at all, I often hear people gushing about how good the pochero is. It sucks to have that kind of service though. Maybe they used to have good pochero, I wouldn’t know. Or maybe all of them had a bad hair day. Haha.

  6. I’m sorry for your unfortunate experience. Whenever I visit a restaurant and I feel like I’m being looked down upon by the staff, I leave right away.

  7. Haven’t tried the Ramos branch, only the one in N. Bacalso. Haven’t tried the pochero from any of the branches as well. I feel bad for your experience, but did you try to report the incident to any of the management?

  8. Mao jud lage na, sayang lamio unta ang food (especially the Pochero omg maka gutom) nia diay way ayo ang customer service. Haynaku!

  9. I thought Abuhan was a good place because it was included in Wil’s vlog during their visit. But nahh, nevermind. Ucma nalang ko hahaha. Lingawa sa wave wave wave!

  10. Their pochero is okay. I like ther tortang talong. So far, wala pa ko ka-experience og bad service diha kay usually mingaw man basta muanha mi. You don’t need to tip na Jomar basta naay service charge sa mga resto. 🙂

  11. Haven’t tried abuhan yet. Hopefully if I got to visit them, we would not share the same fate of having bad experience. I have heard some good reviews too about Abuhan so maybe I will try to visit them and see what happens.

  12. It’s a shame, really. Even if the food’s really good, not having a good time because of horrible service just taints the overall experience and would probably make me not want to go back to the place again. I hope they resolve their issues soon.

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