Burger Joint in Mabolo

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I’ve already tried and rated some burger food chain in Cebu like Big Daddy Truck in Lahug which I suddenly discovered it while walking in the street after the event with Duterte supporters during the May 9, 2016 election. Another one is the unlimited burger, pizza, pasta, shawarma and iced tea which I and my friends wasted at Wasted Chef.

Now, I will talk about Burger Joint located at Mabolo, Cebu city in “The Gallery”. Like the other, I usually see this burger chain on my Facebook newsfeed since I love burger then I check their Facebook page and read some reviews.


Overall the reviews are good for this burger chain which have an average of 4.4/5 from 171 reviews. This is a good rating for a burger chain. I invite my new colleague or in short RC Gwapos. haha.. we are handsome.. don’t argue with that.. šŸ˜€


So the day has come, we finally get a chance to taste this burger I wanted to eat. Yeheey!! We look to their menu upon ordering since the menu is just in front of us.



Burger Joint serves juicy beef burgers which also have sandwiches, rice meals and a number of simple desserts. They also have serves chicken barbeque burger for those non-beef eater.

Burger Join in Mabolo has few tables for all diners in a fresco style and the place is quite small. They are known for customized burgers where you pick your choice of burger, add your additional and pick your side whether french fries, onion rings or potato crisps.



We ordered a combo meal which is perfect for us where we tend to get and pick our burger, side dish and a drinks. We choose of their highly recommended combo burgers such as Bacon and Mushroom Cheese Burger combo and the Hot and Spicy Cheese Burger combo.

The burger is juicy and you can smell the fresh beef of the burger patty with a good combination of the side dish french fries. Overall the burger is good but the place is small so hopefully they have a plan to expand their place or branch out more.



Burger Joint is located in “The Gallery”, Mabolo and they areĀ  open from Mondays to Sundays including holidays, from 12pm to 2am.

Like Burger Joint Mabolo Facebook page.

Photo credit: Burger Joint Mabolo Facebook Page and John Teps



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