Camotes Accommodation: Camao Resort

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It was my first time to visit and experience what Camotes Island can offer to the tourist. Actually, Camotes Island is one of the lists that I need to visit this year 2017. One down on the list.

When traveling, accommodation is the first thing to look especially you’re in a group. I was looking for a good and comfortable but affordable accommodation to stay for 2 days for us. It was hard since I’m looking for any resort or anything that we can stay near Santiago Bay Beach because it’s one of the popular beaches in Camotes Island but most of them online like, and other bookings site.

Instead of looking near Santiago Bay Beach, I look for other places that might few meters away from the port or even to tourist spots destination.

I found Camao Pension House but now name as Camao Resort, it’s new, comfortable, good sight but affordable accommodation for all of us to enjoy Camotes Island Adventure. It’s located in San Francisco, Camotes Island and not so far from the tourist spots we’ve been to. Camao Pension House is one of the affordable accommodation that I found and perfect for team outing and you must try it too.

Camao Resort is maintained by owner’s brother. I forgot the real name but their surname is Go.

Camao Resort has 3 types of rooms:

Payag House (3 rooms available)
Price: PHP1,500
Capacity: Good for couple. 2 person max
Complimentary Breakfast for 2, Aircon-conditioned room, with mattress, with TV, with CR

Dormitory Type House ( 6 rooms available)
Price: 1,800PHP
Capacity: Good for 3, maximum of 4
Complimentary Breakfast for 3, Aircon-conditioned room, with mattress bed, with TV, with CR, 1 double-deck, 1 single bed

Family Villa Room (6 rooms available)
Price: 2,500php
Capacity: Good for 4, maximum of 5
Complimentary Breakfast for 4, Aircon-conditioned room, with mattress, with TV, with CR, 2 queen size bed, 1 single bed

From the list of their rooms, they have also amenities to offer to their guests.

Basketball Court (Free)


Wide Area

Public Comfort Room (good for guests only)

Good and nice View

3 Cottages (Guests)

Swimming Pool (newly operated) (Credit images to Camao Pension House and Resort FB page)
Free for Guests only

Videoke (100PHP/hour)

Other Information and Services

Function Room
– Function Room is currently not renovated. As temporary area, they use some area for some function event but they are planning to create one soon.

Tour Packages
– Van Tour Packages
a. 1600/7 tourist spots
b. 3000/all tourist spots

Free Pick-up and Drop-off to Port

What I like about Camao  Resort?

  1. Big Area
  2. Basketball Court
  3. Affordable rooms
  4. Friendly and smiling staff
  5. We can borrow stuff from owner (plate, kitchen utensils and more)
  6. Cheap price of items
  7. You can borrow stuff for cooking or they can cook for guest (just pay per butane bottle used which is only 18PHP/bottle)

For reservation, please contact 0932 458 2266.

Like Camao  Resort Facebook Page ( for more updates.

Credit: Dax Panganiban for sponsoring our accommodation during our staycation in Camotes Island. We gladly appreciate it sir Dax. :)”til next time sir!

Acknowledge to Mr. Go for entertaining us and allowing us for staying and borrowing some of the stuffs especially the cooking session 🙂

Jomar Lipon is a Cebu-based blogger that talks about travel, food and related events in Cebu. He is also a web developer and found Paladin Themes. Please visit my portfolio. If you need affordable hosting, please visit Paladin Themes.


  1. Hey, thanks for this information. I am from this place but I don’t have any idea where exactly is this place? Glad to read your blogs. Thanks!

    • Jomar Lipon ( Reply

      Hi, Thanks for dropping and reading my blog.. you can contact their number to guide you. They have free pickup if you book with them :). Hope this answer your question.

  2. Leah e. Wijetunga Reply

    I am from tudela, camotes,Cebu.i haven’t been there ever since the island had become a tourist destination.your photos say tons of things and I like it.the place is HUGE and really clean and family planned to come and visit this island and thank you for the very detailed info if the place.will try to call them.again,thanks….

    • Jomar Lipon ( Reply

      I’m glad you drop by and liked my post, Ms Leah. Please let me know if you need assistance. 🙂

  3. Pingback: How to get to Camotes Island – Laagan Ko – Kuyog ta sa Laag!

    • Jomar Lipon ( Reply

      Unfortunately. No but the resort can offer you free ride to the nearest beach which is santiago bay.. its 15-20minutes ride.. y

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