Cebu Mobile Shutterbugs: A major success PhotoBuzz 2 in Boljoon

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Photography is my hobby but maybe turn into passion whether I’m using DSLR camera or mobile camera. Honestly, I’m not really a professional photographer but I believe I’m improving in terms of composition. In fact, I was into mobile photography since I started blogging and joined several Photowalk events in the past wherein I used my mobile phone.

I joined several groups that related to mobile photography which members can post their own personal shots using their mobile phone with the app they are using to edit the photos. I will not mention the other groups but one Facebook group that captured my eyes and have an active member is Cebu Mobile Shutterbugs. I don’t remember if I joined or someone added me on CMS community but yes, I was honored and happy to be part of the community and yes!! you must join too. For the list of the benefits of joining CMS Community in Facebook are listed here by DriftStories.

The admins of Cebu Mobile Photographers organized an event for all active members in partnership with Tesla Gears Philippines and Municipality of Boljoon to make the Photobuzz 2 happen.


I’m a little bit excited and don’t want to be late for the 4:00am-4:30 call time, I didn’t sleep but instead I used my time wisely by finishing my freelance tasks. Hehe.. And my goal for not being late is a major success and now hoping the event will be a major success.

I was a little bit upset when the bus transport is not cooperating with us but still, the admins were able to manage the time until the program ends. Kudos to all admins.

Here are the admins of Cebu Mobile Shutterbugs:

Photo Credit:

Photo Buzz 2 is having a photo challenge featuring the spots of the Municipality of Boljoon.

Here are the entries during the PhotoBuzz 2: Boljoon: Cebu Mobile Shutterbugs – Photo Challenge (Boljoon)

The judges of PhotoBuzz 2 are the following:

  1. Philip Am Guay – a well-known mobile photographer who won several photo contests. He is one of the founder and admin of Cebu Mobile Shutterbugs
  2. Victor Kintanar – a well-known photojournalist in Cebu.
  3. Ronald Villanueva – an acting Tourism/Budget Officer

Here are the winners of the PhotoBuzz 2 Photo Challenge featuring the Municipality of Boljoon. Again, congratulations to the winners and you really deserve it.


3rd Runner-Up by Seth Abraham Singuit


2nd Runner-up by Bambie Abetria


PhotoBuzz 2 1st runner-up winner

PhotoBuzz 2 Winners

Behind the workshop scenes pictures,

After the PhotoBuzz 2, some of the members go to Tingko 2, Alcoy to spent an overnight stay. Kudos to PJay who initiate the mindblown games.. Haha.. We really enjoyed the game and it was a well spent weekend.

Again, thanks to all sponsors, judges, the family who feed us from morning till evening and OJTs for answering our questions!! KUDOS!!!

Here are the photos I take during the event:

Hope to see you on the next PhotoBuzz 3!!!

Jomar Lipon is a Cebu-based blogger that talks about travel, food and related events in Cebu. He is also a web developer and found Paladin Themes. Please visit my portfolio. If you need affordable hosting, please visit Paladin Themes.

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