Enjoy Rice-All-You-Can for just PHP99 in Giligan’s Restaurant

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Hmm..I will be talking about food related topics again this time.. and guess what!!! unlimited rice again. How many restaurants that offer unlimited rice I’ve been into this year I guess more than ten.. popular one was the “patok” unlimited rice of Mang Inasal, the entertaining crew and managers in Hukad sa Golden Cowrie in Ayala Branch,  and to add the Lutong Bahay foods in Boosog Restaurant. 


After work, we sometimes go out for dinner and this time Rhez of Rhez Wanders is together with us (Glen, Kenneth, PM Geraldine, Celmar) to join our dinner and she suggest to try the rice-all-you-can meal of Giligan’s Restaurant which only cost PHP99.00 only. Who am I to oppose with the suggestion with the unlimited rice meal for an affordable price and shocking is it’s in Ayala Centre Mall. At first, I was hesitant to try Giligan’s Restaurant since one main reason is the location. I thought that all of the classy restaurants in Ayala is expensive plus I’ve been to Giligan’s Restaurant before but not to eat but to drink “Red Horse” and the set is quite expensive compared to other places.


We look avatar colour here. 😀

And the food I ordered is just 109php plus the iced tea which cost 21php a total of 130php. Isn’t affordable and reasonable price for an unlimited rice meal inside Ayala Centre Mall? Yes, it is..


And I posted it on my Instagram and facebook page and one of my colleague Hash recommend to eat there for lunch the next day and guess what? hmm. and I’m back again in Giligan’s Restaurant for lunch together with RC Gwapos? Who are they? (Glen, Ken, Hash, Leo, Bonnie, John Teps, Ace or Bayaw plus Fejie and yours truly But you should wait a couple of minutes to prepare and serve your ordered meal.



Can you spot the difference between the two pictures?? hahaha 🙂

So we tried and enjoyed the affordable rice-all-you-can meal of Giligan’s Restaurant.. but did they really enjoy? Some of them enjoyed the meal but some of them not but what I eat this time was the sweet and sour fish fillet which cost only 99php with iced tea. Affordable!!!

But who among us eat a lot of rice and call the waiter many times? Even I’m fat but I’m not the winner but shockingly it’s Kenneth Barticuatro who eat 4 rice.. haha unbelievable. He’s the one who wore white shirt with blue color in shoulder part. So thin but can beat in eating more rice than us. 🙂

So what are the Rice-All-You-Can meal offered by Giligan’s Restaurant?


View the Giligan’s Restaurant Menu in PDF here.
View the Giligan’s Reaturant Menu in Flyer here.

Visit Giligan Restaurant here.
Photo Credit: John Teps

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  1. Haha laglagan na sa kung kinsay kusog mag rice. LOL. Yup I can spot the difference sa photos. Haha

    I’ve tried Gilligan’s many times in Ayala. Dinner and some drinking sesh. I can remember that their cheese sticks were so yummy!! Not sure if naa pa karon. And in fairness barato lang. 🙂

    • laagtabaicom Reply

      hahahaha… mao jud na ang pinakadako ug kaon sa amoa..biliba that guy

  2. haha! basta mangita ug unli-rice na blog, kay Jomar ta mangita hahaha! Haven’t tried giligans yet but maybe soon kung gutom kayo or after trek. hahha Hello Ate Rhez wanders!

    • laaganko Reply

      ahahaa.. makita man sad sa pero karon nga year.. minusan sa gamay.. haha

  3. Their meals are a good deal and I used to come here often when I was working out in Fitness First. Sulit man sad ang food

  4. My mouth started watering while reading through this post. Hahaha. But besides that, those are pretty good deals! Sulit na kaayo na oy, samot nag gutom kay ka. Hahaha

  5. Wow, you made me hungry with this blog post of yours. I’ll surely check this beanery when I get the chance to visit Ayala again. Who would have thought that they offer affordable meal considering the location.

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