How ready are you for the future?

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As I grow up, I always asked myself a lot of questions. When can I be ready for my future? Do I have to work for life to live a brighter life? Once I retire, do I have enough money to spent to travel the world? From this question, I still have the same answers until today and my answer is only ” I AM STILL NOT READY”.

YES, I’m still not ready!!

Here are some evaluations I made if I’m ready or not for my future.

  1. Do I have enough savings?
    – Enough means, it can sustain without working.
  2. Do I have investments after 5 years?
    – This includes your property, business, a stock market shares and so on.
  3. If ever hospitalized, can I still pay the hospital bills?
    – If need thousands for the bills, can I pay it without any problem? Do I still have money to spent after I paid the bills?
  4. Can I support my future family?
    – Support of the needs of my children, wife and our parents
  5. On my retirement, Do I still need to work? I want to travel the world, Can I do it?
  6. Can I stay at home without problem financially?
  7. Do I still have work after 10 years?
  8. Can I survive the inflation?
  9. Do I have my own company?
  10. Can my future family live a brighter life?

And none of the answers is totally negative. From the savings to the survival of inflation. If you have 6 out of 10 positive answers, then good for you. You are ready to live a brighter future.

This month, I was able to attend a Live Brighter Forum present by Sun Life Financial Philippines. This forum enlightens me how capable am I to live a brighter future.

We really don’t know what can we buy now for PHP1000.00 in the future. Is it enough to buy a food for your family a day? We don’t know. So I need to earn more on that per day so we can live a brighter life.

During the forum, Sun Life Financial Philippines introduced to us from the 2 success speaker about being a Financial Advisor of Sun Life Financial Philippines.

With the forum, I can live a brighter life in Sun Life Financial and I will have positive answers from my questions.

Benefits of being a financial advisor ( in my opinion)

  • Be Independent
  • More savings
  • Investment
  • Time
  • Survive the Inflation
  • Company
  • Stable Work
  • Travel around the world
  • Future for my family

To be a Sun Financial Advisor, read for more information here.

Why Sun Life?

  • Stable company,
  • Award-winning
  • Benefits (as Financial Advisor or employee)

Read more about Sun Life Financial: http://www.sunlife.com.ph/

Follow Sun Life Financial Philippines on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sunlifeph/

How about you? How ready are you for the future? Please comment below to discuss.

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