How to get to Camotes Island

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Is Camotes Island is your next destination? Do you know how to get there? Why Camotes Island?

I heard a lot of good reviews about how stunningly beautiful Camotes Island is from my friends, in social media like Facebook, Twitter and other. That’s why it’s one of my lists this year to visit Camotes Island.

Same as you, I don’t know either how to get there at first but after all research, I do know now how. As you know, in my previous post that I mentioned that our team (Web Development) in RipeConcepts is going to Camotes Island and was given a task to organize from how to where. This post is all about how to get to Camotes Island since I already posted of where we stay. If you haven’t read it yet here’s my post of Camao Pension House and Resort which already renamed to Camao Resort.

When I first go to Camotes Island, I only know 2 options on how to get to Camotes Island but when Camao Resort sponsored my stay (for business purpose). I just learned that there are 4 options or way to get there.

Do you know that there are two port terminals in Camotes Island? Yes, you will depart either in Poro or Consuelo Port. What I have tried is Poro since Camao Resort is just 15-20 minutes away from Poro Port Terminal rather than going to Consuelo Port.

1st Option

One of the popular is from Danao Port Terminal. You need to go the port terminal going to Camotes Island. How to get there in Danao Port? In SM V-Hire Terminal, you can take a van going to Danao Terminal by looking the sign above. You can also take a North-bound bus from North Bus Terminal. The travel time depends on the traffic but it will take roughly 1-2hours.

Boat Schedule from Danao Port to Camotes Island. (This includes two port terminal of Camotes Island)

Departure Time Point of Origin Destination Vessel
5:30 AM Danao Port Poro, Camotes Ave Maria Pumpboat
5:30 AM Danao Port Consuelo, Camotes Jomalia Shipping
6:30 AM Danao Port Consuelo, Camotes Super Shuttle Ferry
8:30 AM Danao Port Consuelo, Camotes Jomalia Shipping
9:00 AM Cebu Pier 1 Poro, Camotes Golden Shipping Fastcraft
10:30 AM Danao Port Consuelo, Camotes RJR pumpboat
12:00 PM Danao Port Consuelo, Camotes Jomalia Shipping
1:00 PM Danao Port Poro, Camotes Super Shuttle Ferry
5:30 PM Cebu Pier 1 Poro, Camotes Golden Shipping Fastcraft
5:30 PM Danao Port Consuelo, Camotes Jomalia Shipping


Jomalia Shipping: Aircon – ₱200 | Economy – ₱180
Supper Shuttle: ₱200
MCBA Junmar: For Poro, Nonok, and Sunog – ₱200 | For Danao – ₱350
Senior Citizens, students, and children (3-10 y/o) are subject to their own respective discounts

2nd Option

For me, this option is the easiest and fastest way to get to in Camotes Island? Why? Because you don’t have to travel one or two going to port. Cebu Port Pier 1 Terminal is just near Cebu City which only takes 10-20 minutes either jeep or taxis/grab.

One popular vessel going to Camotes Island is OceanJet. Here’s the schedule going to Camotes Island.


For more information, call OceanJet at these numbers: (032) 255 7560 | +63 917 638 0000 | +63 922 857 5500, or visit

3rd Option

This option is new and very convenient for me especially if you’re from Lapu-Lapu area. I just know about this when I go to Camotes Island for the second time. The staff asks me where would I like to arrive. He gave me an option to Pier 1 Port Terminal, Danao or Lapu-Lapu.

I think this option is new and just recently announced. You can get to Camotes Island from Mactan by Jomalia Shipping Lines. The Camotes Fast Craft terminal in Mactan/Lapu-Lapu is located beside Cebu Yacht Club which across Marina Mall in Lapu-Lapu City.You can enter beside the Island Central Mall. So to those who travel anywhere in the Philippines via plane, this option is best suitable for you since you can avoid traffic congestion in Mandaue/Cebu.

Note: Its destination will only depart in Consuelo Port in Camotes Island

So here is the best option on how to get to Camotes Island.

To summarize, Cebu Port Pier 1 and  Danao Port can arrive at any two ports(Consuelo and Poro) in Camotes Island while in Mactan Port (besides Cebu Yacht Club) is only for Consuelo Port.

What is your best option for going to Camotes Island? Please let me know and start a conversation.

Jomar Lipon is a Cebu-based blogger that talks about travel, food and related events in Cebu. He is also a web developer and found Paladin Themes. Please visit my portfolio. If you need affordable hosting, please visit Paladin Themes.


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