Kambal Pandesal – Double the Fun of Bread Experience

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Bread is one of the popular in the table of every Filipino. From poorer to richer, bread is one the popular especially during breakfast paired with a hot of coffee.

Bread is not just popular in Pinoy only but instead with other race. In fact, every country has their own specialty and version. There are people also specialized in baking bread. I just remember that Japanese Manga turns to Anime where the whole concept was to bake bread. Do you know that anime TV show in Japan? That how common bread worldwide in our table.

In Pinoy version, we have our own version of bread. Can you name them all? I bet you know them but not all since every city/province have their own popular bread name.

Here is the following popular bread you can find in every bakeshop.

  1. The very popular in every bakeshop. Yes it’s Pandesal
  2. Pan de Coco
  3. Pan de Cheese
  4. Pan de leche
  5. Ensaymada
  6. Spanish Bread
  7. and many more. (comment below the popular bread name in your town)

Bakeshop is the place where you can find a lot of bread version. But is it possible to have a cafe that caters most of the popular bread name? Yes, there is. It’s Kambal Pandesal.

I just know Kambal Pandesal when I saw their station but I even hesitate to visit them since the look of the shop it looks classy. Yes, the classy look of the shop is one of the factors that Pinoy hesitate to visit that kind of bread shop but let me tell you that you’re wrong. I will state later why but first I will give a short background of Kambal Pandesal.

Kambal Pandesal started in 2011 with 10 pilot outlets in the neighborhood, commercial and Food Avenue (Petron Gas Station). The mission is to invite all Filipinos to a whole new level of bread experience. All products and ingredients they use are all San Miguel Products. From flour to flavors is all San Miguel Products. They are open and looking for a partnership from PHP30,000 to PHP225,000. You can start a small Kambal Pandesal Kiosk which is perfect in in-door, hospitals, schools and other institutions while Bakery Cafe is to cater high-end market like community, barangay and or even subdivision.

Since I introduced you a little background of Kambal Pandesal, as promised I will list why Kambal Pandesal. So now, here are why’s Kambal Pandesal can level up your bread experience.

  1. Price – if you think that Kambal Pandesal is expensive then you’re absolutely wrong. Again, I just mentioned earlier that I even hesitate to visit them because of the classy look of their Bakery Cafe. The price is just similar to the popular Bakeshop chain. From 2PHP for Pandesal to PHP35 for the loaf.Here are some products of Kambal Pandesal and it’s price:
    Product Name Price Product Name Price
    Kambal Pandesal (regular) PHP2.00 Sakto Loaf PHP24.00
    Kambal Pandesal (big) PHP5.00 Brownies PHP6.00
    Pan de Kape PHP5.00 Cupcake PHP6.00
    Pan de Hotdog PHP6.00 Pan De Yema PHP5.00
    Pan de Cheeze PHP5.00 Pan De Takot PHP5.00
    Pan de Keso with sugar PHP6.00 Crinkles PHP6.00
    Pan de Coco PHP5.00 Ensaymada PHP5.00
    Pan De Adobo PHP12.00 Pudding PHP5.00
    Pan De Corned Beef PHP7.00 Star Bread PHP5.00
    Pan De Espanya PHP5.00 Pan de Choco Espanya PHP5.00
    Pan de Ham PHP7.00 Bunskin PHP3.00/PHP4.00
    Pan de Lunheon meat PHP7.00 Pan de Puso PHP7.00
    Pan de Pizza PHP12.00 Pan de Cheese PHP5.00
    Pan de Monggo PHP5.00 Pan de Cheese PHP5.00
    Pan de Malunggay PHP2.50 Pianono PHP12.00
    Pan de Isda PHP7.00 Monay PHP10.00
    Pan de Sisig PHP9.00 Bonette PHP2.00
    Pan de Ube PHP5.00 Garlic/Butter Toast PHP10.00

    These are some of the products of Kambal Pandesal. You might find another product of Kambal Pandesal in every Kiosk or Bakery Cafe. *(Price will change without prior notice/per branch)

  2. All San Miguel Products – Again, I did mention earlier that from flour to cheese, sisig and much more as flavors are all San Miguel Products. You are safe with their products and very tasty from Hotdog, Sisig, Kape, Corned Beef and many more flavors.
  3. Accessibility — You might find them near your city, barangay or even office.
  4. Pinoy Taste – They level up your version of the bread in some of your favorite bakeshop chain.

Kambal Pandesal is perfect for gatherings, snacks, breakfast, a celebration such as Christmas, New Year and many more. Visit Kambal Pandesal near you and double the fun of your bread experience.

Facebook Page:

For a partnership, you may contact the following numbers:

Ann Uy (Visayas Local Store Marketing) – 09177278594

Mabel Ermino (Visayas Business Developer) – 09177278594

Have you tried Kambal Pandesal? If yes, please comment your reviews and even your favorite Kambal Pandesal bread. I’ll be waiting for your response.

Jomar Lipon is a Cebu-based blogger that talks about travel, food and related events in Cebu. He is also a web developer and found Paladin Themes. Please visit my portfolio. If you need affordable hosting, please visit Paladin Themes.

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