#makeITsafePH: Negative Effects of Online Game Addiction

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People these days spend their free time playing games both offline or online. Although some online games can give positive effects to players but too much playing can give more negative effects.

What online games do you play? DOTA 2 is one of the popular games for desktop among all high school and college students nowadays. Mobile Legends is one of the mobile app games that I also recently played. This two games with a different platform are still addicting sometimes to someone who already hooked up.

Game addiction is not limited to online gaming but also in mobile, video whether online or offline. Games are classified to Role-Playing Games like DOTA 2 and Mobile Legends, shooting, strategy, arcade. Most of the victim of game addiction are students, especially those are secondary and tertiary level.

If you played games non-stop either desktop, mobile, video games both online or offline the whole day, you better consult a doctor since a new set of disorder that just recently release by the World Health Organization(WHO) which consider as mental health disorder.

What are the negative effects of an online game?

  1. Aggression
  2. Addiction
  3. Adverse effect on health
    – Some players who got addicted to games, the player will tend to eat on the table and ask for help rather than walking and preparing their food.
  4. Lack of social connection and skills
  5. Increase emotional and behavioral disorder symptoms
    – Act violently and less patience in reality.
  6. Physical appearance
    – Since the player addicted to games tend to have one position while playing, the physical appearance will affect drastically.
  7. Violence
    – Due to the confusion between reality and virtual, they look more on the virtual side that is easy to smash and violently.
  8. Poor academic performance
    – According to the survey, 47% of heavy online players got a very poor grade while 23% of the light users performed better.

I remember in the year 2005, a South Korean man died after playing the online game for 50 hours with few breaks. The incident happened in the internet cafe when a 28-year collapsed due to playing excessively.

Another incident happened in the same year, a 4-month old infant was found dead due to suffocation when their parents left the infant at home for 5 hours to play online games (World of Warcraft).

But how can we #makeitSafePH from online games addiction?

As you can see, it will not only affect the game addict itself but also to people around them. Are there any solutions to prevent game addiction? How can we help them?

  1. If you see someone or even yourself find addicted to games, please seek a doctor now especially in your early stage.
  2. Must set a limit.
  3. Explore new activities such as sports like basketball, volleyball or any sports
  4. For parents, talk gently to your child.
  5. Reward yourself in your achievements, not the game achievements.

Playing games can sometimes be beneficial but too much playing is a disaster. Preventing can be done by the help of the people surrounds you and also to yourself.

Please share your way to #makeitSafePH from online games addiction.

Jomar Lipon is a Cebu-based blogger that talks about travel, food and related events in Cebu. He is also a web developer and found Paladin Themes. Please visit my portfolio. If you need affordable hosting, please visit Paladin Themes.

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