My First Visit Tour in Camotes Island

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Mga Laagan! I know you’ve heard Camotes Island in some other blogs and which is why you want to add Camotes Island in your vacation bucket list especially this coming summer. Camotes Island is known for their beautiful Island and their such an amazing sunset.

Did you know you that Camotes Island has anything to offer besides to their amazing beaches? Yes, they still have a lot to offer to the local and foreign tourist.

If you don’t know how to go to in Camotes Island, I listed the three option on how to go to Camotes Island in my previous post. To summarize, you can go start in Pier 1, Danao Port and the new option is in Lapu-Lapu City which is approximately 5-10 minutes away from Mactan Internation Airport.

To start, I did mention in my previous that we (Ripeconcepts Development Team) get a tour package from the hotel where we stay for 2 days. We stayed in Camao Resort which is a new maintained resort on Camotes Island. Camao Resort is one of the affordable hotels to stay where you can enjoy your vacation in Camotes Island in a peaceful place. To know more about our experience and rates to their hotels, you can read here about Camao Resort.

At the top of my post, I mentioned that Camotes Island has a lot thing to offer other than white sand beaches. This post is based on what we did on our tour packages which include 7 tourist spots but eventually came to 4 spots due to our limited time and we stayed longer on some other tourist spots.

  1. Timubo Cave
    Google Ratings: 4.2/5 stars
    TripAdvisor: #4 in Camotes Island

    Timubo Cave is our first destination is which is along the way to our next spot. This is my first time in a cave in my life and it’s my pleasure that it was on Camotes Island.  It was dark and scary but it the same time feels excited but in the end of the cave, it was so fun where we stayed around 45 minutes. The water is clear and cold but please be extra careful when swimming. Please follow the rules and respect the nature as traveler and tourist to their place.
  2. Santiago Bay Beach
    TripAdvisor: #3 in Camotes Island
    Santiago Bay Beach is a public beach open for everyone but they have also Santiago White Beach Resort where you also stay if you’re lucky to book with them ahead of your tour in Camotes Island. Santiago Bay Beach is one of the popular beaches in Camotes Island and known for its white beach.
  3. Mangodlong Rock Beach Resort
    TripAdvisor: #5 in Camotes Island
    One of my favorite destination in Camotes Island. This is not just my favorite but our favorite. Why? Because we stayed longer due to the activities and fun. Like Santiago Bay White Beach Resort, you can book and stay here but it’s more expensive here. I will give you some hints on through these images.
  4. Lake Danao
    One of the popular park in Camotes Island. In this park, we eat our lunch where they can offer you good menus. You can also enjoy horseback riding, boat tour, feeding the fish, and a lot more. This place is a recommended to visit if you are going to Camotes Island.
  5. Bakhaw Beach
    This beach is growing popularity but not crowdy but it has the white sand beach and clear water.
  6. Buho Rock 

    If you want excitement by jumping the cliff, then you must try in Buho Rock. They have 3 levels of heights but sometimes they have 4 levels depending on the level of the water.

Hope this post will make you visit Camotes Island. This post is not featuring some of the known spots. This post is about the tour package we took during our stay at Camao Resort.

Again, thanks to our sponsors and my teammates who participate in this Camotes Adventure.

Hey! Laagan! From the list above, which do you want to go first? Please comment below and tag and share it your travel buddy on Facebook.

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