Parokya ni Edgar joins Sinulog 2017

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SINULOG!! Pit Senyor!

When Sinulog Festival is coming! A lot of local artists or maybe international sometimes will perform and join Sinulog. You will notice that in every Sinulog Festival celebration that a lot of performers local.

Good thing! #GlobeSinulog brings one of the well-known band in rock genre “Parokya ni Edgar”. New and old era know Parokya ni Edgar since they have a lot of popular songs that fit.

Are you a fan of Parokya ni Edgar? Yes, you do as much I do.

Credit: Teddogs Devianart http://teddogs.deviantart.com/

Credit: Teddogs Devianart http://teddogs.deviantart.com/

#GlobeSinulog also brings Hyper Wonderland 2017 in cooperation of Hyper Cebu.

Parokya ni Edgar joins Sinulog 2017.  Parokya in Edgar will be performing live at Plaza Independencia this coming Saturday, January 14, 2017 1PM. Come and have fun.


This event is organized and supported by Globe Telecom.

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