Possible or Impossible: Travel, Study, and Work in Australia?

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What do you think about Australia? Do you dream to study abroad especially in Australia? Can you work, travel and study at the same time in Australia? Possible or Impossible? Can you answer it now? If not yet, read the whole blog post to know and learn if it’s possible or not.

Australia is one of the destinations that most traveler or OFW wants to work on but they hesitate to do so due to the strict visa application approval. But if you just want to travel abroad they I listed some of the visa-free countries for Filipino Travelers.

Other than getting a working and tourist visa, did you know that you can also get a student visa for Australia? If you dream to study abroad especially to a well-known and worldwide accredited universities in Australia then I suggest getting a student visa.

Here are the common questions in getting an Australian student visa. How much would it cost? Is it expensive? What are the universities accredited for a student visa? How long would it take to approve your student visa? Is there any have agency that can help deal with it? Then, you’re in the right place to know more about this process.

All questions can be answered if you consult at AECC Global for free. You don’t need to pay for a consultation fee for this one.

Who is AECC Global?

AECC Global started their agency in Melbourne, Australia in the year 2008. Aside from Australia, they are now serving 9 countries including Nepal, Greece, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, India, and of course Philippines.

They have now fully 25 fully-owned offices and in Philippines alone they have 4 satelite offices located in Manila, Cebu, Bacolod and General Santos.

What are the services offered in AECC Global?

Unlike with other education consultants for overseas agency they offer free service for the following.

  • Consultation – Consult and ask WH questions.
  • Course Matching – You will give you the best and honest suitable course for you to apply.
  • Institution Matching – After the course matching, they will give you a list of institutions who offered your best suitable course. You can ask all questions here about school, scholarship and so forth.
  • School Application Assistance – They will guide and assist you in applying to the chosen school institution.
  • Visa Application Assistance – Of course since this is all about student visa application to Australia, they will guide and assist you for your VISA application which is easier for you.
  • Pre-Departure Orientation – After the approval of your VISA, the will conduct an orientation for your departure of what you need and everything you want to know.

Why choose AECC Global?

  • Expertise – All of their education consultants are expert in the field.
  • Professionalism – They will not promise if they can’t guarantee you but give a honest advice.
  • Network – They have a wide network with over 300+ worlwide and still growing
  • Care – They care about you. They assist and help you all throughout the process in your dream to study abroad.

What are the top choices course in Australia?

  • Nursing
  • Culinary
  • Accounting
  • Information Technology

Good news!!! If you need more information of this whole process especially to the school connected with AECC Global they will be having an event titled “Future 360” this coming August 4, 2018 at Radission Blu Hotel from 1pm to 5pm. Don’t worry since Admission is FREE!!! How awesome is that? You can register at aeccglobal.com/philippines but walk-in are very much welcome to come.


If you’re student, you can apply for a job atleast 20hrs/week which can help in your daily needs during your stay plus you can also explore the beauty and tourist spots of Australia.

Where is AECC Global located?

They are located in Unit 702 7/F FLB Corporate Center, Cebu Business Park, Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City 6000 or visit https://aeccglobal.com/philippines

So back to my questions, possible or impossible? I can say it’s really possible with AECC Global. You can study abroad to a worldwide accredited universities in Australia, work at the same time and explore Australia plus maybe you can meet your partner in life either Pinay/Pinoy or Aussie 🙂 Haha

Hope to see you there soon Australia!

Jomar Lipon is a Cebu-based blogger that talks about travel, food and related events in Cebu. He is also a web developer and found Paladin Themes. Please visit my portfolio. If you need affordable hosting, please visit Paladin Themes.

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