Quick Guide and Tips for an on-the-spot vacation to Bohol

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Having a quick and on-the-spot plan for a vacation and wanted to go in Bohol? Hmmm.. I might help you with that. I have several scenarios wherein the vacation is on-the-spot and one of that is the summer trip in Bantayan with my current workmates.


One of my former workmate Charlon ping me on messenger by Wednesday evening (10PM) that the 3 of them (IT’s) don’t have work on Saturday and Sunday since usually either of them will work on Saturday and Sunday (vice versa). So he asks me what place is nice for that short vacation. Since I want to go back in Bohol after I visited for the first time before where I listed the top 5 tourist destination in Bohol so I suggest Bohol to them and they said the “GO” signal. hmmmm.. 3 days plan? haha.. no plan at all..

So on the day of the plan vacation, some of them have no message or reply in any of my chat… Hmmm.. Where are they? Do they have the plan to go Bohol or just suspend it? but I know they have hang-over since the night before the vacation day they have a short party.. haha.. but I want to pursue it.. so I chatted them again that I’m in the meet-up place but actually I’m still in our house preparing my things. 😀

From that moment, hahaha.. they replied and will be there soon.. but unfortunately, I’m still waiting for them for an hour or more.. haha. but at least.. short vacation in Bohol is on!!! And when they arrive, we get the 10:40am departure time going to Tagbilaran via OceanJet. Again, no plan at all and just on-the-spot vacation where we just bought our foods and drinks in Bohol.. :D. That’s why I wrote this post to help you and give a guide and tips plus an estimated expenses.

I will be listing a guide where might guide you to an on-the-spot vacation to Bohol.

Guide and Tips for an on-the-spot vacation to Bohol

  1. Don’t be fooled for the agency that will greet you when you arrive in Tagbilaran port or in Tubigon.
    – A lot of offers will welcome you as you steps on Tagbilaran port and Tubigon maybe I suspect. Don’t try to grab the offer on-the-spot! Just walk and wait for the offer to lower down. Hmm..Imagine, when they offered us 3,500 going to Anda Beach Resort but as we walk distance.. the price is lower down to 2k. That price is going to Anda Beach Resort only and no tour packages to us. Hmmm.. I almost grab the offered..
  2. Talk to the locals distance from the port
    – As we walk, a lot of locals will offer you. Luckily, I have a friend in Bohol during my first visit. So, I tried to call him and wait for them to pick us. Hmm..While waiting, we ate in carenderia near the port and someone talks to us and offer a 40php ride each going to terminal going to Anda Beach Resort. From the terminal, ride a van which costly 100-120. So, imagine how much we saved? plus, 40 + 120 = 160 each from 2000/5 = 400php.. Thanks to the driver. I edit the post once I found their number 😀
  3. Don’t Hesitate to ask
    – As we ride, we ask what are other tourist destination that they can offer to us. Hmm.. So, he suggests their package of their agency. Since we build a connection, he asks why Anda Beach wherein you can find a near beach where are more tourist and we have a choice where to eat. So he suggests Alona Beach Resort. So from 40php, he offered us 500php ride going to Alona which is less expense in going to Anda Beach Resort. So each of us pay 130 since we gave him a tip.
  4. Be patient
    – Finding a place to stay is hard since most of them full or else it’s expensive but I did bring my tent.
  5. Utensils and Trip package
    – During this on-the-spot vacation, please don’t forget your utensils, trip package such as blanket, tent, or any that can help you to lower your expense
  6. Pack your things 4 hours before the said date
    – 4 hours before is enough in my own experience. 🙂

Expenses Breakdown:
1. Fast-Craft via Tagbilaran (OceanJet) – 400php

2. Going to Alona Beach Resort – 500+100php(tip)/5 = 120php/pax

3. Accommodation – 1900/5 = 380php/pax

4. Foods/Drinks/Others = 360php/pax

5. Other Expense (dinner) = 140php/pax

6. Tour Packages (entrance not included) + going to Tubigon Port = 1800+200tip (400php/pax)

7. Pasalubong = 430php

8. Fast-Craft to Cebu = 170php/pax

TOTAL: 2400php (this may vary due to pasalubong and dinner expense) plus entrances

TOUR PACKAGE (1800php):

1. Blood Compact – No Entrance (picture taken by local photographer) – 150php




2. Baclayon Church – Entrance: 50php/pax with unlimited pictures of the antique.


3. Preserve body of Prony – Entrance: 30php/pax plus 150php to take pictures with the yellow snake



4. Man-made Forest – Free

5. Tarsier Farm – Entrance: 60php/pax

6. Chocolate Hills – Entrance: 50php/pax

7. Ship House – Free (outside only). Entrance: 100php/pax

8. Loboc Church – Free


Hope by listing our expenses and guide/tips might help you if you’re doing a on-the-spot plan vacation to Bohol. To get the same package as we have, please contact me thru my phone 09958794186.

Please don’t have to hesitate to ask questions regarding with Bohol.

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  1. waaahhhh I’m glad you went to Bohol. Pero there are a lot pa gyud that you shouldn’t miss the next time you’re back in Bohol. haha

  2. Weeyyy daghan nako choices when going to Bohol. I feel so left out. Haha, everyone I know has been to Bohol. LOL. Grabe mahala pa picture no? But I can understand if the proceeds are for the locals.

    • laagtabaicom Reply

      kaayo.. pero mao man gud ila pud income but we are tourists. local nga lang..

  3. I haven’t got to explore most part of Bohol yet. I’ve only been to Tagbilaran and Panglao because of a sponsored trip. I would love to visit other parts of Bohol soon. )

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  5. Awesome tips in Bohol! I was actually planning out a trip in Bohol because I’d like to witness the sea of clouds. And your tip to not grab tour agency offer is great! Dili magpa-ilad in other words! hahaha

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  8. You made me remember the first time I visited Bohol. All the places that you’ve been in Bohol, I was able to visit them all as well and I’m sure that there are more to see in BOHOL. Keep traveling Jomar!

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