Top 3 Reasons why you must try in Olive Restaurant (JPark Island Resort)

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To be honest, I was still a hangover from the party the night before this event and this event really perfect for me now to relax and enjoy the food.

When I have a hangover, the usual thing that I look or need is a food (bread) and coffee. Good thing JPark Island Resort and Waterparks have this restaurant which I really need from cozy place plus the food. When I about to enter to this cozy restaurant, I was able to capture this.

Parasaling at JPark Island Resort

Here’s the entrance of the Olive Restaurant.

When I entered the restaurant, the place is really perfect to relax while eating your meal.

Olive Restaurant was opened in the year 2011 just beside of Abalone Restaurant in JPark Island Resort and Waterpark located in M.L. Quezon National Highway, Maribago, Lapu-Lapu City.

Olive Restaurant offers Asian-Mediterranean but they also have Filipino cuisine that you can enjoy. Olive Restaurant can accommodate 110 seat guests.

Staying in this wonderful resort is to look for a perfect restaurant that can satisfy your hungry tummy but in a cozy place. A place in the resort where you can enjoy the food while relaxing as well.

I listed some reasons why you must try in Olive Restaurant when your tummy is looking for a delicious food.

  1. Set of Menus
    – The usual menus in a fine dine restaurant is the “Appetizers”, “Main Course”, “Desserts” and “Soups”. Olive Restaurant has a lot more to offer especially eating with kids. The good thing about Olive Restaurant is that they have menus for Kids and Adults. Kids will enjoy eating since the menu is the usual favorite of all kids like hotdog, chicken, nuggets, burger, and pizza. It’s my favorite too when I was a kid.
  2. Cozy Place
    – When I eat to a fine dine restaurant, I usually look to the place with a unique theme of the restaurant where I can relax while enjoying the food. Yes, Olive Restaurant has their theme. You will really enjoy eating your food because it’s so comfortable.
  3. Friendly Staff
    – The staffs are so friendly with their customers. In fact, when writing this one I saw a unique what happenings between customers and the staff. The staffs are giving a high five to a boy with his family. Another one is that customers want to take a picture of the staff manager. Amazing! The customers want to have the picture of the staff with them which is opposite to the usual thing.

Olive Restaurants offer lunch, and dinner to their customers. The price of their foods is quite reasonable for a fine dine restaurant in one of the world class island and waterpark resort in Cebu.

JPark Island Resort and Waterpark is a five-star hotel located in M.L. Quezon National Highway, Maribago, Lapu-Lapu City. JPark Island Resort and Waterpark is open daily for day use 10:00am to 6:00pm. For reservation, please visit JPark Island Resort and Waterpark website or like their facebook page (JPark Island Resort and Waterpark) or you may contact them +63 32 494 5000.



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