Turks – Unique Taste of Shawarma now in Cebu

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I love shawarma! When I go to Wasted Chef to be wasted with their unlimited shawarma, burger, pizza and pasta. wew.. I ate Shawarma most of the time since much easier to prepare.. haha.

During our lunch break where we usually eat together with other RC Gwapos in Metro Ayala where there is shawarma rice available. I really love the taste of the beef which makes me love it.

One day, I found a post on my Facebook newsfeed about this Shawarma. What makes me interest to try it is they have a branch in Parkmall where I usually dropped off to ride going home. Do you know what is it? Pretty obvious right? The title of this blog post says it all. haha.

One day, when I tried to look for a Christmas gifts for my “inaanak” in Parkmall I sit back on of their lounges in Parkmall and I just remember the shawarma of Turks. I need to try this now while I’m still here.


I’m not familiar with the Parkmall map. So I didn’t know where is this located. What I did was watch their videos and try to look over where are these stairs with a steel to hold. And viola! after 5 minutes of walking on the ground floor of Parkmall. I finally found them!! Yayks! Time to tikim na!


Here are the menus of Turks Cebu for now!



I ordered the “Beef Pita Doner with Veggies” which only cost 60php no drinks because I’m planning to buy Thirsty which is near also in Turks.


And after few minutes preparing my order. Yehey! Done!


What I observe with wrapping is really tight which the sauce can’t leak and make your eating shawarma messy! And now, it’s time to eat but need to find a place to eat this Turks Pita Doner “Shawarma”. Wow! This is different from other shawarma. It has this taste of beef and the juicy sweet sauce..but I can’t feel spicy.. haha.. but overall I loved Turks Shawarma now!

Overall rating is 7.5/10.

Turks Cebu have three branches in Parkmall, EMall and Pacific Mall. In God’s willing, they will open their SM Seaside and Ayala branch this March.

Here are some photos of their happy customers


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photo credit: Turks Cebu Facebook page

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  1. I love shawarma too! I’ve never tried Turks yet, but I will definitely check it out soon.

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