Where people go if they have extra money this Holiday?

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A few days from now, we will be welcoming the year of the roaster 2017. And before we end this year, most of us received a 13th month pay and Christmas Bonus so we may have the extra money to spend aside from the monthly salary. Did you receive a 13th month pay or a Christmas bonus? If yes, then you might have an extra money to spend to travel or what to do with your extra money?

As part of my year-end post, I would like my Facebook and HIBSTERS friends will be part of it. So I ask them if they have an extra money, where to go or what to do? I got a good response from them and I would like to share some of their responses.

But before I share their responses, if I have an extra money this season I would like to take my family in the Southern part of Cebu or Negros Lakawon Island for a couple of days. Hopefully, I can bring my whole family for a vacation this season but if not this summer.

So I promised, I would like to share some responses of my Facebook and HIBSTER friends especially travel bloggers which some of them answered quite pretty amazing responses.

In my Facebook post last December 7, I asked: “If naay extra kwarta, asa mo nga mangadto this Christmas or Holiday Season?“. In English, “If you have extra money, where do you go this Christmas or Holiday season?”.


Here are some of the responses who would love to go to other places.

Lakawon Island sa Negros” – Honey Mae Princess Baroman

Cebu Happy World Museum Miracle Art” – Carol Alvez

sa Australia or New Zealand..” – John Teps

north korea” – Ace Virgel Almario

Iceland. Hehehe nangandoy!” – Aissa Alicaway

Disney land :D” –Chennah Rylai

Maldives” –Chennah Rylai

Moadto sa lugar nga wapa na adtoan” – Alejandro Apart Corona

Not Celebrating Christmas Jomar. But if I have year-end cash, will tour around Cebu with the family. ” – Ruben Licera Jr.

“Jerusalem” – Richiell Nistal Buhian

STRIP CLUBS!” – Carl’s Junior

malls” – Cliffy Fifi

“CDO” or Cagayan De Oro – Charlon Jeff Havana-Rosas Padilla-Cortez

Hawaii ” – Tizrah Lois Alvelda


Some responses lead to giving back by giving gifts to someone or community/organization. As a quote, “It’s better to give than to received”.

Visit certain community like sa mga bukid2x na part and give gifts and bring some foods for the children.” – Jhonremar M. Macana

Mang sponsor ug Christmas party sa aq community(CLM) pra sa mga in-need, orphans ug elderly… ” – John Rhecel Solon

mo donate kos among Org. nga Children of Mary ” – Fatima Hernandez Akiatan

orphanage…share blessings esp sa kids” – Leslie Ann Bacatan

probinsya nya e treat nimu imo mga kaliwat 🙂 hatagan nimu ug gifts.” – Glen Mongaya

Some of them responses is stay at home for the next year trip which quite reasonable. More pocket money for the trip makes your vacation more fun. Right?

But HIBSTER friends especially the travel bloggers shared their responses on my post.

New Zealand! ” – Jullian Robin Sibi of Utterly Random Techie

Japan because yuki is ” – Christoeffer John Restauro Estrada of Four-Eyed Laagan

Kon naa koy kwarta, ganahan ko nga mobakasyon sa Hawaii. Nindot ilaag didto kay mora ra daw og Pilipinas. Hahaha! Kay wala may kwarta, ari lang mag-estambay sa Pilipinas.” – Rome Nicolas of Basta Bisaya

Kung naa koi kwarta (kanang daghan jud kaayo ) karon pasko, ganahan ko muadto sa Jerusalem. Ganahan ko mo witness how they celebrate Hannukah” – Johanna Marie Frejoles of Laagan Nga Bata

ganahan ko sa Paris gyud, dayun adto pud sa Northern Lights, Northern Scandinavia then last destination kay New Zealand” – Arnold Meguiso Jerodiaz of Wandering Souls Camper

I’ll go to Iceland to witness the Aurora Borealis. A girl can dream! ” – Rea Alducente of Blissful Snapshots

Home. Christmas is for family. ” – Rady James Bagnol  of Rady Set Go

sa among bagong balay. hahahaha” – Pam Baroro of Hey, Miss Adventures

I would like to thank all the HIBSTER and facebook friends who responded to my question and be part of my year-end post. All of your responses really meant to me.

How about you? Where will you go if you have an extra money this holiday season? My friends shared their responses and it’s time to share your thoughts. Please let me know by commenting below.

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Jomar Lipon is a Cebu-based blogger that talks about travel, food and related events in Cebu. He is also a web developer and found Paladin Themes. Please visit my portfolio. If you need affordable hosting, please visit Paladin Themes.


      • laagtabaicom Reply

        haha.. 😀 thanks for dropping by both Pam and Four-eyed.. 😀 Hope naa ta extra money para matuman ang gusto.. :D.. Invited ang HIBSTER pam? haha

  1. If I have extra money I would love to go in Kota Beach Resort “Camp Sawi” 🙂 hehe

  2. Murag nice sad ng Lakawon Island ba. Well, I’m right home for Christmas. Maybe if naa jud money in the future, maka experience sad unta kog snow ug magdala kog 1million ka habol, haha!! Thanks for this!

  3. Thanks for including me on the list! Kana nga dream murag bata pa jud ko ganahan ana. Naa pa ba kaha’y chance matupad. LOL

  4. Personally, If only I have an extra money during Holiday, I would love to spend it to buy gifts and give it to some of my closest friends and my family as well. I always wanted to travel every holiday, but I always didn’t able to pursue it. Hopefully next time!

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