Why Attend Cebu Blogging Summit 3.0?

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Cebu Blogging Summit 3.0 is set to happen this coming December 3, 2016 at iiOffice, Capitol, Cebu, Philippines. This year installment of Cebu Blogging Summit is dubbed “The Rise of the Millennial ePRENEURS: Responsible Social Media Influencers”. Cebu Blogging Summit 3.0 is an annual gathering of influencers from around Cebu and learn about blogging as a craft, a profession, a medium for good stuff online.


Why Attend this year Cebu Blogging Summit 3.0?

  1. Speakers
    – Speakers are bloggers who earned a recognition not only in Cebu but in national too. Their success in their field will help you understand and motivate you to start bloggin not only by money.
  2. Network
    – Bloggers and other influencers are attending the summit. Expanding your network will help you to know yourself better and more opportunity.
  3. Opportunities
    – Opportunities is coming your way. They might be the first step in your successful career.
  4. Learnings
    – Attending this summit will give you  a lot of ideas and start blogging now!. Why Blog? What to Blog? Which Niche of Blog? Any Blogging Hacks? . This question will be answered once you attend this year summit.
  5. Free Stuff
    – Most of us love to get a free stuff. You do or deny? I admit that I love free stuff from an events.


Who can attend Cebu Blogging Summit 3.0?

  1. Bloggers
  2. Want to Blog
  3. Passion in Writing
  4. Want to expand network
  5. Influencers
  6. E-Commerce Startup players
  7. Millennial Entrepreneurs
  8. and You!

Who are the speakers of Cebu Blogging Summit 3.0?

  1. Ariel “Lai” Samangka Reyes of The Little Lai
  2. Ka Bino Guerrero, respected Heritage Interpreter and Social Media Advocate
  3. Doyzkie Buenaviaje of I LUV CEBU
  4. Carlo Olano of the very popular KalamiCebu.com
  5. Fleire Castro, Owner of Third Team Media
  6. Pam Baroro, award winning parenting/travel-blogger of heymissadventures.com
  7. Jewel Delgado, the multi-awarded blogger behind Jewel Clicks
  8. Rachelle Nessia, Manager of the Philippine Information Agency (PIA)
  9. Rome Bonsocan of Shopcast Lifestyle and Basta Bisaya.
  10. Rea Alducente of the multi-awarded blog BlissfulSnapshots.com
  11. Marco Diala of Countocram.com (Fashion and Lifestyle) and LamiKaayo.com (Food)

From the list of the speakers above, I assure you will not just learn but enjoy blogging and inspire to blog.
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This year Cebu Blogging Summit is co-presented by Globe.

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Hope to see you there!

Jomar Lipon is a Cebu-based blogger that talks about travel, food and related events in Cebu. He is also a web developer and found Paladin Themes. Please visit my portfolio. If you need affordable hosting, please visit Paladin Themes.

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