Withdraw Paypal Funds Fast and Easy

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Do you have a freelance job, online business or any source of income that transact thru Paypal? Do you need an urgent money in 1 day or less? Do you need a trusted PayPal exchanger? This post might help how to withdraw or encash your Paypal funds in less than a day or maximum 1 working day.

Withdrawing Paypal funds to the bank account or card will take time but still depends on your bank linked to Paypal account. In my case, my EON and Unionbank account were linked to my Paypal account which takes 2-4 working days approximately but depends on the working days.

There are some cases that we can’t really tell especially when you need money for emergency matters. As a part-time traveler, expenses is left and right that’s why I sometimes need an urgent fund from my online job that paid via Paypal.


Good thing Paypal to Cash Service by Cypher helps me out in any urgent need of funds. I saw my friend Cypher post in one of the Facebook group that offer to exchange your Paypal funds to cash. So I contacted him and asked what are the requirements to make our transaction fast and easy. Even though I knew him, trust is still an issue, especially in money matters. And after a short conversation, we agreed and ready to transact by next day.

It was fast and easy on my end without any hassle at all when doing the transaction from the conversation till the end of the transaction. I send the money to his Paypal by 10:00 morning and after a couple of minutes I got a message from the remittance center that money is available to claim. Easy!

What do you need to start the transaction?

– First, you need a verified and not limited status PayPal account.

How much is the rate?

– The rate is 9% from the total conversion PayPal rate when sending to his Paypal account. 9% percent includes the Paypal fee, remittance fee for each transaction. For example, 5000php send to his account and the 9% of it 450php so you will receive 4550php.

Where can you receive your encash money?

  •  Western Union Money Transfer
  • Cebuana Lhuillier
  • MLhuillier Pawnshop
  • Moneygram
  • Xoom
  • Palawan Pawnshop
  • iKobo
  • GCash
  • LBC
  • PhilSend

Overall, the transaction is smooth and I assure that Cypher is a trusted Paypal to Cash exchanger.

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For more details, like Paypal to Cash Service by Cypher in Facebook.

Jomar Lipon is a Cebu-based blogger that talks about travel, food and related events in Cebu. He is also a web developer and found Paladin Themes. Please visit my portfolio. If you need affordable hosting, please visit Paladin Themes.


  1. Well, in fairness this is a good alternative. I need to cash out my paypal funds soon but it’s kinda big amount so I also wanna make sure the process is worthy and credible. Hehe. As you said trust is an issue. Hmmm, I’ll decide on it within the week. BPI cashes funds in 5 days from the last time I tried. Thanks for this though. 🙂

    • laaganko Reply

      5 days sa BPI? dugaya diay oi.. haha.. sa union kay 2-4 days.. haha.. pero trusted jud ni siya.. hehe..

  2. I have a Paypal but it’s not verified thus I can’t withdraw my little money there. hahaha. and gitapol pako ug verify kay I only have a Prepaid VISA and verification needs something to do with the credit card statement which prepaid cards don’t have. This is a great alternative and thanks for the info!

  3. Well, this is actually a good alternative. I use my Paypal A LOT and it is currently linked to my Visa card. The processing time for me to get my money is 2 business days which is okay ra gihapon. But yeah, if you actually need the money right there and then, this is a pretty good option. But I don’t think I want the 9% transaction fee. Sakit kaayo sa heart. HAHAHA

    • laaganko Reply

      hahaha.. kay naa pa man fee sa remittance plus sa paypal fee ig.send..

      • Hi.. Unsaon pag transfer..? I want to transfer my paypal balance.. Teach me how?

        • Jomar Lipon (jomarliponko.com) Reply

          First, you need to have a debit card and one popular is ang EON card sa Unionbank,. After makuha ang card, need to verify ug iconnect sa imu paypal.. need nmu sudlan imu eon acct ug 100 for verification.. after maverify.. mana you can withdraw paypal funds to your eon acct

  4. Can’t relate kay wala man ko paypal pero this is a good post for those who have paypal 🙂

  5. Thanks for this informative post. I have Paypal account and its verified already. i even asaociated my credit cards with my oaypal account for easy online purchase that is a bit safer than othet mode of payments.

  6. Mag withdraw unta kos akong paypal, atay kung dako imong e withdraw dako pud kaayo ang TAX or Fee of transact. Naa moy alternative way pag withdraw nga gamay ra ang Transact fee?

    • Jomar Lipon (jomarliponko.com) Reply

      So far, unionbank is maoy pinakagamay..

  7. Robin Redbreast Reply

    Naa nakoi Paypal pero unsay next step para mka channel sa cypher? Website na sya? Hahahha. Sorry, first pa nko mka hearing ani..

    • Jomar Lipon (jomarliponko.com) Reply

      Hi..Wala na siya nag.offer ug Paypal Encash service si Cypher..

  8. gusto kopo sanang magpa encash ng paypal funds,ASAP..
    pero hindi ko alam ang steps kung paano, wala kasing nakalagay dito, at kung sino ang kokontakin ko…

    • Jomar Lipon (jomarliponko.com) Reply

      sorry but discontinued na po ung service ni cypher

    • Jomar Lipon (jomarliponko.com) Reply

      I believe yes since some business offer Paypal to Remittances like Cebuana, MHuiller or Palawan.

        • Jomar Lipon (jomarliponko.com) Reply

          You can send me on my messenger.. fb.com/jomarliponko

  9. Hello po since first time ko gumamit nitong paypal, panu po ba mag transfer money thru my BPI account? or panu po ba sya e withdraw?

    • Jomar Lipon (jomarliponko.com) Reply

      As long as you verified. I suggest adding bank details to PayPal. After adding, you can withdraw funds thru BPI or any bank details. Estimated time depends on the bank.

    • Jomar Lipon (jomarliponko.com) Reply

      What bank po yung ginamit nyo? And what is the reason na.deny yung money mo?

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