Zark’s Burger – Fresh, Huge and Great Burger

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Burger is one of my favorite food aside from pasta, chicken, pizza, and cakes. Haha.. A lot of carbohydrates in taking huh! But it’s okay, I will lose some sweat by going to gym next year? haha.. New Year’s Resolution is coming but hopefully, I can fulfill next year.


It’s not my first time to post about a restaurant who offer burgers, in fact, there is restaurant who offer an unlimited burger and lot of more to be wasted in Wasted Chef and a unique burger restaurant in a truck and I have still a 2 more draft.. hahaha..

Where did I hear Zark’s Burger?

I heard this restaurant in Facebook since I saw their interesting advertisement which I intrigue to search on and after reading reviews and information plus asking some of the friends. I totally wanted to try Zark’s Burger.

Zark’s Burger has two types of burger – Minor and Major League. Minor League are burgers who only have one burger patty with a price range PHP110 – PHP150 while Major League are burgers who have more than two burger patties which price start 175php to 555php.


I ordered two of their bestseller burgers “Zark’s Ultimate Burger” and “Three-Point Burger” during my first visit together with my fellow co-workmate and friend TL Glen Mongaya. I ordered two burgers since I thought the burgers is just big in the picture but I was wrong and surprise.




On my second visit in Zark’s Burger together RC Gwapos again.. We are handsome.. don’t argue with that.. haha.. but it’s now the turn of John Teps to treat the group with burgers with we individually add our drinks and fries with just PHP35 with a choice if iced tea or lemonade.



What do I like about Zark’s Burger?

The bun has a taste which quite surprising not like the typical bread. I also like the big burger patty which is quite big for the price. The burger patty tastes good but not as perfect as I want but it’s still unique taste that is why you should try it.

For overall, I rate 7.5/10 for Zark’s Burger but again we have a different taste for a burger. Why not visit Zark’s Burger and let me know your rate and experience?

Zark’s Burger has 2 branches in Cebu. One branch is in IT Park located at Ebloc 1, Jose Maria del Mar St, Apas and another branch is located in SM City Cebu near Sunburst.

Here are the complete Zark’s Burger branches.


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  1. I’ve tried Zark’s in SM just because I needed to wait for my friend and it was just there that I realized it was the talk-about burger place before. I can remember that their burger was good enough for me although I didn’t know which one I ordered. It was also big that I had a hard time finishing it. Lol. I liked their lemonade too.

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  3. Nakakaon ko sa Zarks pero nakulangan pako sa ilang burger. hahha. I wanted to try their bacon-wrapped burger pero grabi pud sya ug cholesterol jud.

  4. In fairness wala pa jud ko kakaon sa Zarks. Sige lang ug ka cancel akong plans. Mu visit nya ko one of these days. Lami kaayu tan-awn ang burgers sa imo pics. Hehe

    • laaganko Reply

      dli ra sa pic lami tan.awon.. kuwang jud.. kuwangan pa gani si john..

  5. I had a bad experience with Zark kay naai hair pagserve nila sa ako food. not the normal hair, but short curly hair. But because of good customer service, they immediately attended on my complaint and changed my food. hehehe.

  6. Wow, it’s kind of huge burger I must say. I’ll surely can’t finish one if ever cause I’m not really a big fan of burger. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m sure this will surely be my taste bud needs.

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